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Aktyvūs pasiūlymai: 274
Ieškantys praktikos studentai: 216
Aktyvūs pasiūlymai: 274
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Administravimas (Ofiso administratorius(ė)/ marketingo praktikantas(ė))

Įmonės pavadinimas MB "Reaktorius"
Praktikos aprašymas:
International company, based in Lithuania is looking for a business administrator and marketing intern. A perfect candidate will have various tasks associated with administration and marketing strategies.

- Helping to create a culture of engagement and an environment where people feel happy and appreciated
- Dealing with documentation (request forms, contracts, recruitment/termination, correspondence, etc.)
- Managing the sales invoicing and expenses process from collection to distribution
- Communicating with customers, liaising with vendors and partners, communicating via phone, chat and email
- Other tasks related to this position, such as help with internal projects and events
- Developing and monitoring marketing plans
- Directly engaging with partners to drive execution, hold partners accountable for meeting business results, and adapt plans and investments accordingly
- You will own the partner ecosystem and channel strategy
- We need creative, analytical, and broad thinkers who collaboratively engage with partners to identify and achieve mutually beneficial results
- Pursuing a bachelor’s or master’s degree in economics, finance, accounting, marketing business management, marketing communications, psychology or another related field
- Positive attitude, attention to detail, curiosity, a desire to improve and take initiative
- Fluent in English and Lithuanian
- Good verbal and written communication skills
- Organizational skills
- Interest in the technology
- Proven aptitude for seeking creative solutions to multi-faceted problems